2021 March 24 … When you start your basement makeover ideas, you may be amazed at the many possibilities that lie ahead. The basement is a blank canvas waiting for you to layer your basement makeover ideas on top of it. Related. Post navigation. Win a $50,000 Home Makeover with Bobby Berk from Queer Eye. Enter to win A winner is drawn Donations benefit a great cause! … This Experience begins June 14, 2021 at 1 00 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, and ends September 24, 2021 at 11 59 p.m., Pacific Standard Time … Upgrade Your Summer Enter To Win A Backyard Makeover. One 1 Grand Prize Up To $50,000 Backyard Makeover. Ten 10 First place prizes Each winner to receive one 1 Voice-activated Portable Speaker. Ten 10 Second Place Prizes Each winner to receive one 1 Cooler. Breathtaking Kitchen, Living Room and Master Suite Transformations 26 Photos. Cozy, Neutral Basement Makeover. Basement Renovation Transforms a Cold Space Into a Warm Family Room. Rustic, Modern Multipurpose Basement. Chic Basement Remodel 14 Photos. Run My Makeover 103 Basement Master Bedroom 5 Photos. ADT. Drew and Jonathan Scott, known for their show Property Brothers, are partnering with the home-security company ADT to give away a $250,000 home renovation. The winner of the contest will get to design the renovation with the Scott brothers, and they ll receive a free ADT smart-home security system. We don t typically work with a budget … Here are some tips and best practices for your LinkedIn company page Choose a background image that represents your brand. Just as with Facebook and Twitter, your LinkedIn company page encourages the use of a large cover image, in addition to a smaller profile shot, such as a logo. Choose an eye-catching background image that shows off your company in the best possible light. Ask your team to give recommendations. Is your company a great place to work? If so, ask the people who work with you or for you to give your brand a recommendation. Showcasing your brand as a good place to work is good for business, as well. Take advantage of the career page. If you have job openings in your company, you can highlight them on your career page. Those jobs have the potential to appear in front of many more qualified professionals than if you simply took out an ad. Your page will show up in a job search on LinkedIn, adding even more brand visibility. Optimize your page for search. Use relevant keywords to attract searches within and outside LinkedIn. Check your company page every day. Engage with your community on a daily basis. Posting new content each day ensures traffic every day, as well. Use image and video. Mix up your content to keep interest going on your page. Stay on topic. Make sure to share content relevant to your brand. Netvibes BrandsEye Behind us, the grave diggers were antsy and ready to do what they had been hired to do. I could smell the grave, fertile and musty, like fishing bait. Finally Roy Senior stood and went over like he was going to grab a handful of soil and toss it over the coffin, already settled six feet down. Celestial and I walked close behind and were surprised when he sat down on the mound in a deliberate way, almost like a protest. Big Roy said, You need to get in touch with your wife today. Let her know.