No Purchase Necessary Make it Easy In addition to giving AMOE entrants the same opportunity, and same odds, to win the subject prizes, sweepstakes sponsors must also take pains to ensure that the AMOE process is not overly burdensome, or time consuming. The No Purchase Necessary or Enter to Win law, also known as the Lottery Law, is a federal law enforced by the Federal Communications Commission FCC , the Federal Trade Commission FTC , and the USPS. According to the FTC, sweepstakes-type promotions that require a purchase by participating are illegal in the US and most other countries . Note that the requirement is that no purchase must be necessary to enter AND that a purchase can t affect your chances of winning. That means that entrants have to be able to get the same number of maximum entries through non-purchase entry methods as through entry methods that require a purchase. No Purchase Necessary Laws prevent promotions like giveaways and sweepstakes from asking people to pay to enter. That is unless a free alternative entry method is available. Yet, it s essential to know that these laws don t always apply to every country. Plus, what is considered as payment varies from country to country. No Purchase Necessary Laws are intended to protect consumers, however, Alternate Means of Entry or AMOE clauses can help keep your promotion compliant while strengthening your goals. There s a very thin line separating sweepstakes and contests from becoming illegal lotteries. Keep it, Celestial said, like she hadn t been working on this doll for three months. I can make another one for the mayor. When thinking about executing your real-time strategy, consider the 6 Ps Framework . It will guide you through the key priorities and elements you will need to execute it successfully. If you want to drive traffic to a particular website, create one board with pins that link to the site. If every board you create and every image you pin is a link to your blog or website, you ll lose followers fast because they want to view wonderful images without feeling like they re being sold to all the time. It turned out the spot was actually a little wider. A few weeks into the ramp s construction, the architects realized they d made a measurement mistake and the distance required to jump the wall was considerably greater than first imagined. Way, now back in the States, was reached via satellite phone. I think you re going to have to clear more than seventy feet to make it, he was told, isn t that, I mean, just too gnarly? Danny didn t even pause. No, he said, in a statement that has since ended up printed on T-shirts Nothing s too gnarly. W HAT IF YOU COULD TURN CLUTTER into an asset? What if the tremendous barriers faced by Interruption Marketers actually became an advantage for you and your company? The truth is that even though clutter is bad and getting worse, Permission Marketers turn clutter to their advantage. In fact, the worse the clutter gets, the more profitable your Permission Marketing efforts become.