Running a sweepstakes campaign offers a fun, engaging way for a nonprofit to boost fundraising and gather information on its donors and supporters. Of course, when giving away items or experiences, there are legal obligations every nonprofit must follow. Many US nonprofit organizations use prize promotions, such as sweepstakes and contests, as a way to engage with their donors and other supporters. However, organizations may not realize that prize promotions are highly regulated by state and federal law and could potentially be considered illegal gambling. Sweepstakes are legal in all 50 States whereas raffles are illegal in several states. Sweepstakes are the best option if your contest will be promoted across state lines, if you are planning to market the campaign on your social channels, or if you are looking to boost awareness for your nonprofit on a nationwide level. Sweepstakes, Doorprizes, and Raffles Are Your Fundraisers Legal? Sweepstakes, door prizes, and raffles have become nearly as common for promoting some church activities as they are for the local ball club or PTA. That s especially so when a church is looking to boost attendance at events or raise money for good causes. Because the nonprofit is responsible for ensuring legal compliance, they ll need to be involved in the setup even if an individual or business is running the raffle or sweepstakes on their behalf. This article will share the steps necessary for an individual or business to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit. Step 1 Contact the organization The heroes of Bletchley Park Hinsley, Harry, The Influence of ULTRA in the Second World War, Babbage Lecture Theatre, Computer Laboratory, last modified November 26, 1996, http research security Historical hinsley.html accessed September 6, 2011 . At Bletchley Turing Banks, A Conversation with I. J. Good. Try to keep the total cost of marketing by any method at 6 percent to 11 percent of your revenues you can spend less after you have an established business with word-of-mouth referrals and loyal repeat customers. Remember, customer acquisition is only part of your total marketing budget allow for customer retention and branding expenses as well. 12. Activity Is Good Now my mother moved to the couch and laid the doll on a cushion. It was a trippy experience because the doll really did favor me, or at least my baby pictures. It was like staring into an enchanted mirror. In Olive, I could see the sixteen-year-old she had been, a mother way too soon but as tender as springtime. I could buy this from you? But once the ball began rolling, Crisco realized that Permission Marketing alone couldn t expand the brand s popularity fast enough. So they took advantage of the lack of clutter and switched gears to an Interruption Marketing campaign. Now that they had a sales base, they wanted to expand it, fast. So they began buying advertising anywhere they could find it. And because there was so little clutter, the advertising popularized the brand quickly and cheaply.