THE IT S YOUR DUTY GIVEAWAY INCLUDES WALTHER ARMS … Walther PPS M2 Recall May 7, 2021. VEHICLE DRILLS VIDEO TRAINING SERIES April 13, 2021. Walther PDP Product Features April 1, 2021. Walther PDP Optic Plate Stress Test March 15, 2021. Walther PDP Articles and Reveiws Walther Fall Comfort Carry Giveaway Enter To Win The Walther Fall Comfort Carry Giveaway! One Lucky Winner Will Receive 1 Walther PPS M2 Pistol 1 DeSantis Pro-Stealth Holster 1 STNGR Ridge Ballistic Range Edition Sunglasses A combined retail value of $452! Enter For Free Today! USA ONLY – RULES APPLY – VOID WHERE PROHIBITED – ENTER BY 12 30 2019 Sponsored By, DeSantis … PPS M2 Walther airsoft pistol. Walther PPS M2. If you own a PPS M2, this is the air pistol for you. It ll even fit in your holster. MSRP $74.95. Walther Arms PPKS. Walther PPK S . Iconic and James Bondish, this little number is the perfect training tool for Walther .380 enthusiasts. Train like you carry with this number, for a lot less than … Skip to content. Go to Top CONTEST RULES THESE ARE THE RULES GOVERNING ALL CONTESTS ON WALTHER ARMS WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER ACCOUNT, AND OTHER ONLINE CHANNELS UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. IN THIS DOCUMENT, THE TERM WALTHER ARMS DESIGNATES WALTHER ARMS, INC. No purchase is necessary to enter any Walther Arms contest. Contests are open to U.S. citizens 21 or over who The content is a rarity In releasing this previously unpublished photo from its archives, Life built its street cred as a purveyor of exclusive and elusive content, which is exactly what the Tumblr audience wants. The word-of-mouth potential is huge because consumers will share the content just so they can be the first among their friends to say they spotted it. Look to other industries, brands, geographies, and small businesses that are truly remarkable at telling stories and engaging with their communities. Find who does it well it isn t that hard , figure out how they do it, and model the behavior. Don t copy, but apply the blueprint to your company industry situation product. Fast IT and the Slow Waiter, 123 I, Robot Asimov Google Analytics e-commerce tracking and statistics