You can buy them in any denomination starting from 10 when purchased online and from 1 in store and the gift cards can be used in John Lewis stores or at, in Waitrose shops and online at, and Visit Champagne gifts. Fine wine gifts. You can buy our joint Waitrose Partners and John Lewis Partners gift cards within our stores and online. They can be used in Waitrose Partners stores and grocery online orders. We also offer an e-gift card option. Visit the gift card and e-gift cards page on for more … Functional Cookies. There are certain features on our site that aren t essential to it s running. We ve either developed them or added them because we believe they significantly improve the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to get what they want. As well as birthdays, Mother s Day, Father s Day and Christmas, our gift cards make a thoughtful thank you present or staff reward. Our classes are fun for couples too, so if you re looking for a wedding present, a day or evening with our chefs beats a toaster every time! Cards start at 10, and if you order by 2pm, Monday to Saturday, we … Gift vouchers may not be used to discharge indebtedness on any account or credit card issued by John Lewis plc, Waitrose Ltd, or John Lewis Financial Services, nor may they be used for the purchase either directly or indirectly of any financial product or service, including John Lewis Waitrose gift vouchers. Make your blog mobile-friendly And friendliness? Knowing that friendliness had to be a core part of any intelligent system, its makers encoded values and safety into each of SyNAPSE s millions of chips. It is friendly down to its DNA. Now as the cognitive computer grows more powerful it makes decisions that impact the world how to handle the AIs of terrorist states, for example, how to divert an approaching asteroid, how to stop the sea level s rapid rise, how to speed the development of nano-medicines that will cure most diseases. What follows are some ideas for the types of goals you might want to achieve with your Facebook page, as well as the content to help you best achieve each goal Drive sales. Your content should inspire a sale but not necessarily be a sales pitch. For example, has one of your customers been in the news as a result of using your product? If so, share that story. Do the ingredients in your products have health benefits? If so, talk about them and share other healthy living tips. Do you offer a business-oriented coaching service? If so, use your Facebook page to share tips and best practices. In this manner, you re not exactly selling, but you are putting the idea of the sale in people s minds. Increase your community. Your updates should be more conversational. The people who join your Facebook page will do so because of the engaging content, which will help to establish trust. This trust leads to community growth and sales through customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. Grow your mailing list. Do you want more people to sign up for your newsletter? If so, offer sneak peeks of what they ll receive if they sign up. Create brand awareness. When you share news and updates regarding your brand, it shows up in news feeds belonging to the people who are Facebook fans of your brand. When they like or comment on your public posts, those actions can show up on their friends and families news feeds, as well. When people share your content, it helps to turn your brand into a household name. Establish expertise. Use Facebook to share facts and drop tips. This approach is especially useful in selling books, providing informational products and services, and promoting blogs. Receive feedback. Use Facebook to create polls, ask questions, and pick the brains of the people who use your product or service. Just be sure you re ready to receive some brutally honest answers. Drive traffic. Link to your blog posts and web articles, and create discussions around the day s topics. Have multiple goals. Most brands have multiple goals for their Facebook pages. Mixing and matching content to serve many different purposes is okay. Be mindful of sharing too many links, however, because it can be perceived as spammy. As he d left his hiking boots at the base of the climb, Honnold had to hike down barefoot. All these people kept coming up to me and asking where my shoes were, he says. I had just spent three hours doing a huge solo and guys were Dude, you re barefoot, that s hardcore. Fast IT and the Slow Waiter, 123