Shift4 Payments offers a flexible, feature-rich gift card solution that delivers an unmatched level of customization and control to businesses of all sizes in any industry. Perfect for both card-present and card-not-present environments, Shift4 Payments makes selling, redeeming, and managing gift cards convenient for merchants and their customers. The balance of the card is stored with Shift4, so any outlet utilising Shift4 for payments is able to make use of the IYC cards. When using Shift4 IYC gift cards, users of Book4Time are able to issue, redeem, refund, and balance check cards directly from within the Book4Time system. This offers a seamless guest experience across the entire … June 20, 2006. Givex, Shift4 Complete Gift Card Integration. June 20, 2006 Minneapolis, MN Announced today at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference HITEC , Givex, a card management company specializing in customer acquisition and retention programs, and Shift4, a leading developer of enterprise payment solutions, complete a systems integration for gift cards. This Gift Card Services Agreement Agreement is made by and between Shift4 Payments, LLC Shift4 Payments , with its principal place of business at 2202 North Irving Street, Allentown, PA 18109, and the business indicated on the Gift Loyalty Card Application Merchant or you on the date the Application is signed by Merchant Effective Date . Shift4 s gift card solution features a SiteBuilder tool that allows you to create your own custom gift card website to specifications set by you or by the users you designate, including the ability to look up card balances. Simply pick your template, upload your company logo, select a profile image, and pick your colors. In addition to creating your hub website, you may have developed sites either as subdomains within your primary domain name or with auxiliary domain names. These sites may take several forms Microsites These small, dedicated sites that have their own domain names are usually developed for a specific event, product, product line, service, or another promotion, or as specialized landing pages for an advertising campaign. Whether the microsite is permanent or temporary, you must make a strategic choice to create one, judging cost, branding needs, search engine optimization SEO , and other marketing efforts against potential benefits. Blogs All blogs and other information-sharing sites, such as webinars and wikis, can be fully tracked with analytical software. Some sites, such as Blogger https blogger answer 7039627?hl en , offer Google Analytics integration, but not all hosted solutions do so. Although you can obtain statistics from certain hosted communities or third parties, you may not be able to customize them or integrate them with your other statistics. Communities All online communities, for example forums, social network groups, chat rooms, and message boards, fall into this category. Although they may have their own internal statistics, also investigate whether you can customize those statistics to meet your needs before you select software or a hosted platform. For instance, Yahoo! Groups https , LinkedIn Groups https directory groups , Facebook Groups https groups , and Google Groups https are inexpensive community alternatives, but they provide only limited statistics. 3 18 Research can settle arguments. When Lord Geddes became Chairman of British Travel, he argued that we should feature trout fishing in advertisements until I pulled out of a chart showing that fishing interested American tourists less than all the 49 other subjects we had tested. The down-home image of Jimmy Carter s campaign belied the reality a highly professional, and costly, publicity machine. It s essential, given the high cost of talking to strangers, that marketers move their focus of attention up the stream. They need to have a process in place that nurtures total strangers from the moment they first indicate an interest.