The reason we don t provide Reward Zone points for purchases made with gift cards is because we award Reward Zone points, to the person purchasing the gift cards, when they buy these cards. if you go to the actual store they will typically allow you to use rewards zone points for buying iTunes gift cards. At least they have done so half a dozen times in the past. They will not allow you to use rewards zone points to purchase gift cards when buying from the online store. Answered by Mike 3 years ago Get Started. Gift Card Rewards. Earn G-Money points on select purchases at and save on future purchases. Get Started. For every 100 points earned, you ll save $1 on future purchases. When purchasing gift cards, you have two options. The first is to purchase a gift card for a specific retailer. These are sometimes called closed loop cards, because you can only use them at … Tip Buying gift cards can be a good strategy to meet spend caps on rewards earning. For example, the Chase Freedom card offers 5 cash back on rotating bonus categories that you must activate each quarter, on up to $1,500 in combined purchases 1 thereafter . Such machines could even make useful political and economic suggestions and they would need to do so in order to compensate for the problems created by their own existence. There would be problems of overpopulation, owing to the elimination of disease, and of unemployment, owing to the efficiency of low-grade robots that the main machines had designed. Disseminates news to online media, print media, journalists, bloggers, and search engines. There is a continual need to balance between a successful, competitive society, and a cohesive, compassionate one. That requires judgment, to strike a bargain or social contract. Each society must arrive at that optimum point for itself. Between the two ends, the highly competitive and the excessively equal, lies a golden mean. This point will move with time and changing values. 40 Calculate lifetime customer value. The rapid technological advancements of the past few years have greatly accelerated globalization. With quantum leaps in telecommunications and innovations in information technology like the Internet, the world has become a much smaller place. Physical distance, time differences, and national borders are no longer barriers to the free flow of information. It is now no longer necessary to travel long distances to find new ideas. Vast amounts of information can be transmitted instantaneously at the touch of the keyboard from anywhere, and at any time. This trend in IT information technology revolution will alter the nature of societies. It will transform the way we live, learn, work, and use leisure time Those countries that keep out advances of technology because of its undesirable by-products will be losers. For better or for worse, we have to seize the opportunities offered by the IT revolution, but try to minimize its harmful side effects People must stay abreast of the state-of-the-art technology, but must never lose their core values. Science and technology are decisive in determining future progress. But they should not be allowed to break up families that have to imbue children with a strong sense of social responsibility and the conscience to distinguish between right and wrong. 18