OC Weekly Decadence Event Hotel Irvine Promo Code. The OC Weekly Decadence Party is coming to town next weekend and I am so bummed I cannot go this year, but I definitely want to share a promo code for all of you to use! Get $5 off OC Weekly Decadence tickets when you use my code, DECADENT. This code expires 8 9 at midnight. Get discount OC Weekly Decadence tickets for Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa Orange County. Goldstar has OC Weekly Decadence reviews, seat locations, and deals on tickets. 2014-09-05 … no coupon or promo code is necessary to purchase tickets. TurboTax Coupons Vistaprint Coupons CheapOair.com Coupons LifeLock Coupons ASOS Coupons Vitacost Coupons DIRECTV Coupons Local Food Drink OC Weekly Decadence – Friday September 29, 2017 7 00pm-10 00pm VIP Admission at 6 00pm OC Weekly Decadence Logo. The 14 th Annual OC Weekly Decadence party, put together by the publication, OC Weekly is coming back to town on September 29 th and I have all of the details for you here in addition to a discount code to buy tickets!!! The event will be held on Friday, September 29th from 7 00 PM 10 00 PM 6PM for VIP Ticket holders at the Hotel Irvine! Highlights. OC Weekly s 10 th Annual Decadence is the much-anticipated food tasting event with over 30 restaurants participating plus cocktail tastings, food trucks, and more at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas Resort Zoological Garden. Enjoy the gardens and zoological grounds as you eat and drink some of the best culinary creations that Orange County has to offer. Straight-line extrapolations from such a remarkable record are not realistic. China has more handicaps going forward and more obstacles to overcome than most observers recognize. Chief among these are their problems of governance the absence of the rule of law, which in today s China is closer to the rule of the emperor a huge country in which little emperors across a vast expanse exercise great local influence cultural habits that limit imagination and creativity, rewarding conformity a language that shapes thinking through epigrams and 4,000 years of texts that suggest everything worth saying has already been said, and said better by earlier writers a language that is exceedingly difficult for foreigners to learn sufficiently to embrace China and be embraced by its society and severe constraints on its ability to attract and assimilate talent from other societies in the world. I also think its popularity as entertainment has inoculated AI from serious consideration in the not-so-entertaining category of catastrophic risks. For decades, getting wiped out by artificial intelligence, usually in the form of humanoid robots, or in the most artful case a glowing red lens, has been a staple of popular movies, science-fiction novels, and video games. Imagine if the Centers for Disease Control issued a serious warning about vampires unlike their recent tongue-in-cheek alert about zombies . Because vampires have provided so much fun, it d take time for the guffawing to stop, and the wooden stakes to come out. Maybe we re in that period right now with AI, and only an accident or a near-death experience will jar us awake. 1 Two Frenchmen were driving through the Cotswolds in England. One said to the other, You must admit this is a very beautiful country. Yes, replied his friend, it is beautiful. Thank God they can t cook it. Every marketer must offer the prospective customer an incentive for volunteering. In the vernacular of dating, that means you have to offer something that makes it interesting enough to go out on a first date. A first date, after all, represents a big investment in time, money, and ego. So there had better be reason enough to volunteer. intelligence