Watch Saturday Night Live highlight Publishers Clearing House Giveaway on NBC Olympics Visit for Summer Olympics live streams, highlights, schedules, results, news, athlete bios and more from Tokyo 2021. Not to miss out on the stunt show sweepstakes, NBC will debut Ultimate Slip N Slide on August 8, following the closing ceremony of the Olympics. The peacock net s shout-out to Variety use of the Olympics to plug their shows is getting on my nerves a little.Sour moi regards the Olympics as corrupt, boring, politicized and sanctimonious, and those are the good qualities. NBC. 3,083,286 likes 13,461 talking about this. The official Facebook page for NBC. Stream your favorite shows on Peacock TV. You can create the sexiest mission statement in the world, but if your behavior doesn t match your message, no amount of aggressive marketing will help you recover your reputation. Johnnie Walker, 230 I can t remember this day without hearing the air around her words, without imagining the tumors multiplying, consuming her body. Olive was dying and I spoke to her with bitterness in my mouth. That I didn t know makes no difference. Tallying the Bottom Line Yet those are precisely the sorts of autonomous drones and battlefield robots the U.S. government and military contractors are developing today. They re creating and using the best advanced AI available. I find it strange that robot pioneer Rodney Brooks dismisses the possibility that superintelligence will be harmful when iRobot, the company he founded, already manufactures weaponized robots. Similarly, Kurzweil makes the argument that advanced AI will have our values because it will come from us, and so, won t be harmful.