Good Morning America Mark Zuckerberg Really Is Giving Away Facebook Stock-Fiction!Summary of eRumor Mark Zuckerberg is giving away Facebook stock to random people because he s tired of the many scams that have made that false claim on the social media site, Good Morning America and other news outlets have supposedly reported. The Truth Contrary to rumors, Mark Zuckerberg still isn t … Even though the Facebook hoax about creator Mark Zuckerberg, pictured March 25, 2015, giving away 4.5 million of his shares was outted Dec. 9, the story went viral over the holiday weekend. Update 12 28 2015 The hoax continued over the holidays, with some viral posts claiming that ABC s Good Morning America confirmed that Zuckerberg was giving away his fortune to Facebook users. A slightly adapted version of the rumour spread in 2017, this time omitting the news that Zuckerberg had just became a dad Can t wait to see who the lucky recipients are According to Good Morning America, Not a hoax! Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is giving away $45 billon of Facebook stock. The scam has been running since Mr Zuckerberg made the announcement at the beginning of December 2015. Like many such hoaxes, there are embellishments and variations. For example some more recent forms of the scam claim that it has been verified by authorities like Good Morning America. The second promised, On September 4, I take off the bottom. Would she keep that promise too? Don t become complacent. Continue to check your performance and business metrics at least monthly. How do they compare to what your instinct is telling you? On March 10, 2014, Honey Maid, a brand that makes graham crackers, launched its This Is Wholesome campaign to celebrate the many different types of families. The campaign video opens on a family with two dads, one of whom is feeding a baby while the other lovingly kisses the baby on the head, before panning to a family with a mom, dad, and young daughter rocking out to her father playing the drums. As various types of families enjoying time together flash across the screen, from single parent to multiracial and military families, a narrator says, No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome. 22 Watch the full video here https watch?v 2xeanX6xnRU . An effective strategy in business advertising is to show the reader how he can calculate the money your product would save him. This advertisement got the highest readership everywhere it ran, and brought hundreds of requests for reprints. So . . . I said, doing the math.