To add the sweepstakes to your Page, follow these steps from Woobox Click your name at the top of the Woobox site. You re taken to the main dashboard. Click Sweepstakes on the left sidebar. Create a Sweepstakes From the Campaigns page, select the template type Landing Pages. Then choose Sweepstakes from the campaign types. Collect entries, incentivize participants, and select random winners. With over one billion entries under our belt, our Sweepstakes campaigns have the power to make your promotion viral and incentivize your audience to meet your goals. Create a Sweepstakes Sign Up For Free Create Sweepstakes that achieve results Woobox allows Facebook users to participate in your giveaways and contests, but only after a visitor has liked your page. Instant fans! While using Woobox to create your sweepstakes is pretty straightforward, there are several tips and tricks you can use in order to enhance your Woobox success. With Woobox, contest and sweepstakes winners can be selected at random. Once the sweepstake ends, you can pick winners at random from the list of entrants. As soon as you ve picked the winners, write to them congratulating their winning of the prize and tell them how to claim it. In Pakistan, an Islamic authority recently complained that our women are being exploited and commercialized on television and in the newspapers. This goes against God s will and violates the tradition of purdah dictated in the Koran. He proposed a ban on women appearing in advertisements. In Saudi Arabia it is illegal to use photographs of women in advertising, but OK to use drawings , provided you don t show bare arms or cleavage. When a commercial for a soft drink showed a little girl licking her lips because she liked the taste, it was banned as obscene. FIGURE 3-3 You can set up your group to preapprove invited members or to not allow new members without your permission. FIGURE 4.2 K9 Ballistics s reply to a customer inquiry Every day, people sacrifice their time for tiny nuggets of wealth, where time is the liability and not the asset. Anything that steals time and doesn t have the power to free time is a liability. In fact, it s 100 percent bad. Cars aren t out to kill you, Yudkowsky analogized, but their potential deadliness is a side effect of building cars. It would be the same with AI. It wouldn t hate you, but you are made of atoms it may have other uses for, and it would, Yudkowsky said, tend to resist anything you did to try and keep those atoms to yourself. So, a side effect of thoughtless programming is that the resulting AI will have a galling lack of propriety about your atoms.