Print Seal-Shut Gift Card Template. Or you can make these folding flap gift card holders. Print Folding Flap Gift Card Holder Template. Just print your favorite template onto a plain sheet of paper. Then, cut it out and trace it onto the paper of your choice, or save yourself a step, and print the template on the backside of your decorative paper. Printable GIFT CARD HOLDER TEMPLATE Fold notched flap up glue along short edges. Insert gift card, fold top flap down and seal as desired. Download a free printable gift card holder template. Is there anyone who doesn t love getting a gift card as a gift? I love them because they allow the person to choose what they really want. They re available for pretty much every popular store, so it s easy to give a gift that the recipient will love. Step 1 Download the gift card template. Download the template from the supply list above. I ve put two templates per page so you can print it directly onto your scrapbook paper. I promise it saves a lot of time. Remember to put your scrapbook paper design side up into the printer so it will print the template or the blank side . Free Printable Gift Card Holders for Matching Gift Cards. About Gift Card Girlfriend. Gift Card Girlfriend is your 1 source for all things Gift Cards. Blog Tips Prints Q A Watchlist. Here are 18 of the miracles research can perform for you Yes indeed. If the U.S. attempts to humiliate China, keep it down, it will assure itself an enemy. If instead it accepts China as a big, powerful, rising state and gives it a seat in the boardroom, China will take that place for the foreseeable future. So if I were an American, I would speak well of China, acknowledge it as a great power, applaud its return to its position of respect and restoration of its glorious past, and propose specific concrete ways to work together. 25 Thus, perhaps not surprisingly, just three weeks after returning from China, Way steps onto the X Games MegaRamp launch platform and surveys the scene. His appearance sends the crowd into a tizzy he barely notices. I ve gotten really good at pulling the veil down, says Way, at camouflaging reality, locking out my conscious mind and riding my focus into the zone. Returning to the garage, I searched for something to cut the packing tape, but unless I was willing to use a double-sided axe, there was nothing. I made do with my keys, the very same ones that opened the front door, giving me a bellyful of false hope. Then, to set up your account, follow these steps Open Snapchat on your smartphone, and select Sign Up, as shown in Figure 2-1 . Enter your first name and last name, as shown in Figure 2-2 , and then tap Sign Up Accept.