Dance Moms Season 3 Sweepstakes Added on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 in Cash Sweepstakes , Other Entry Sweepstakes Eligibility To enter the Sweepstakes you must be i a legal resident of one of the fifty 50 United States or the District of Columbia and ii eighteen 18 years of age at the time of entry. Aired on May 14, 2013. Last time, Dance Moms executive producer Jeff Collins sat down with Abby Lee Miller and the moms to rehash season 3. This week s dramatic conclusion finds New Dance Mom Kristie Ray quick to defend Abby and former Dance Mom Jackie and her daughter Sophia managed to rub Melissa the wrong way. The third season of Dance Moms premiered January 1, 2013 on Lifetime and concluded on September 17, 2013. Youtube link Season 3 Playlist 1 Cast 1.1 Choreographers and Instructors 1.2 Mothers 1.3 Dancers 1.3.1 Abby Lee Dance Company 1.3.2 Candy Apples Dance Center 1.4 Guest Dancers 1.5 Other 2 Season overview 3 Season 3 2013 4 Other Information 5 Video Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Music Guide 8 … Dance Moms. season 3 The third season of Dance Moms, an American dance reality TV program created by Collins Avenue Productions, began airing on January 1, 2013 on Lifetime television network. The season concluded on September 17, 2013. A total of 39 official episodes and 1 special episode The Smoke Before the Fire aired this season. Question. Answer. random facts hints. Which mom is missing in the first episode, which causes a sit-in in episode 2? This mom gets in legal drama in season 4. How many girls are on Abby s replacement team in episode 2? the girls make re-appearances throughout the show. Which replacement girl stays the longest? She shows up in episodes 3 and 7. http Table 4-1 shows a partial list of press and PR online resources. The acronym stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which does little to explain what the heck they are. But you ve seen them. They re so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary chose GIF as its 2012 U.S. word of the year. If you re old enough to remember Ally McBeal , you ll remember that dancing baby that showed up everywhere for a while. That was one of the early animated GIF memes. Today, you might see someone post a looping three-second moving image of Oprah strutting through her audience, or an otherwise still shot of a landscape with trees that blow in the wind. That s an animated GIF. People have also adopted them as live-action emoticons, using animated GIFs of celebrities with their jaws dropping open, for example, to express surprise and shock. Blog about your social profiles, give reasons to follow As Kate Dale, strategic lead brand and digital at Sport England, said, Authenticity was absolutely key. I m sure some of them thought the shoot was going to be glamorous, but we worked them hard. Every drop of sweat you see is genuine. Every red face was hard-earned. 10