Below are the prices of our affordable Christening Giveaways. We have a variety of souvenirs for your child s Baptism Celebration we can add a personalized Thank you tag to all of them. Please see below for the prices of the different Dedication Giveaways that we offer. … Cebu, Philippines Phone 032 4053213 Mobile 09064859294 … Baptism and Children s Party Favors. An ideal memento for baptismal godparents and even for weddings. Click to view larger image. Give your godchild a precious reminder of his her Christening day. We can hand-letter for free only 10 pcs or less . Made of durable resin. For printed names, add 20 each per standee. 9 00am – 12 00 1 00 – 5 00 pm. Baptismal Giveaways and Souvenirs. Hot Air Balloon Themed Clocks as Baptismal Souvenirs. Php39.00 idea CDC-03. Katsa Bags as Baptismal Souvenirs. Souvenir And Giveaways for Christening, Quezon City, Philippines. 27,005 likes 47 talking about this. Process 4-5days process it depends on pieces courier provinces thru LBC for now, due to… Christening is the most sought after occasion especially in the Philippines whereby most of them are Christians. We at Printcious, take our christening gifts very seriously with our huge array of beautiful and thoughtful gifts up for grabs, from keychains to baby rompers, you re never short of options. Trust me. I am not afraid. You know where I been the last five years? I said, this time with a laugh that scraped my throat. You think I m scared of some country motherfucker jumping out from behind the bushes talking about boogety-boogety? Story-Making Laws, 131 203 The question was the whole reason we were here at all, so why did I have such a difficult time answering her? I led her to this question, but once it was asked, I went as noiseless as a rock. Money chasers are consumers who haven t quite made the transition to producer. They want to be producers, but they selfishly think like consumers. And raising money for charity