Like many games by DigitalDNA, CastleMiner Z allows users to redeem promo codes, which unlock various features. Promo codes are only redeemable in the Xbox 360 version by default. The PC version has the Redeem menu item disabled were it enabled, it would be possible to enter promo codes. Promo codes are calculated using three pieces of input the gamertag of the player, the ID of the promo … NOTICE TO ALL PLAYERS PROMO CODES ARE RANDOMIZED FOR ALL PLAYERS AND CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE, THUS IS NON-SHAREABLE.PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR CODES. YOU WILL GET BANNED FOR IT. Assault Rifle Promo Code When entered, you ll spawn with an assault rifle regular variant no matter which game you re in.It was removed during the 1.4 update for CastleMiner Z and now has the Creative Mode promo code instead. Hard Core Castle Miner Z Hints. You need to get a iron pick axe and dig deep enough to get to blood stone exspand it and you can almost live for ever. Big Money. Go to creative, start the game with 1 or 2 players, walk 4000-5000 paces then you get to rock and lava and there will be gold, diamonds, and there will be holes in the ground where … In 2011 CastleMiner Z was brought to the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Indie Games and introduced the world to the creative survival horror genre. Eventually becoming the best sellling independent title on the Xbox 360 and selling over 2 Million copies. With later releases on the PC for Steam Castleminer Z continues to be an indie favorite. Welcome DigitalDNA Games. DigitalDNA Games is a Seattle based independent game studio credited with building several best selling independent titles such as CastleMiner Z the all time best selling independent title on the Xbox with over 2 million downloads. Can you see now why some 30-year-olds are worth $50 million and some are worth $13,000? The Fastlane universe operates on gains of 1,700 and millions, while the Slowlane universe 8 and 40. One plan is about HOPE while the other is about CONTROL. Breaking news 8 and 40 makes millionaires in 40 years 1,700 and 16 million makes billionaires in four years. Courtesy of Ellipsis.Digital, a division of rTraction Canada, Inc. I admit that research is often misused by agencies and their clients. They have a way of using it to prove they are right. They use research as a drunkard uses a lamppost not for illumination but for support. On the whole, however, research can be of incalculable help in producing more effective advertising. In Kenya , people are lucky to earn $10 a week, and about 70 per cent are illiterate. The principal medium of advertising is radio, and the commercials have to be written in nine languages. Not All Education Is Created Equal The problem with formal education used to raise intrinsic value is that it s ungodly expensive in time and money. Not a week goes by when I don t hear about some freshly minted MBA graduate who struggles to pay his student loans while working a mid-grade job he could have gotten out of high school. Debt that traps you to a job is not good debt. A preoccupation to become highly educated could be a Trojan horse to your freedom.