So, I have three 3DS download codes that I would like to give away to someone of you guys. The games are Retro City Rampage DX. Shantae and the Pirate s Curse. Rhythm Thief Emperor s Treasure. The only thing you should do in return is just choose a number between 1-100, write it down in a comment together with the game you would like and … Download Code Giveaway – I ve got 11 3DS Game Codes to give away. List of games inside. Giveaway. I ve had a crappy week and I want to end it on a good note so I m giving stuff away. I ve not ever done a giveaway on here before so not exactly sure how it works. But if you are interested in any of the games just post a comment and I ll pick one … What are Nintendo eShop Codes? Nintendo eShop codes are special 16-digit codes present on Nintendo eShop gift cards. You can redeem them on the Nintendo eShop to buy the games or other applications that you want. If you are unaware, the Nintendo eShop is a digital distribution service by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS family and Wii U. You can buy more than 1000 classic and indie games from … A site named is a free 3ds eshop codes generator where you can generate download codes for eShop games that you can use on your Nintendo 3DS. We tested the site and can confirm that the site is 100 legit. One caveat on the site s service is the availability of codes. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you will see that more codes are available. Using standard press distribution sources That may seem like a lot, but one trip to the supermarket alone can expose you to more than 10,000 marketing messages! An hour of television might deliver forty or more, while an issue of the newspaper might have as many as one hundred. Add to that all the logos, wallboards, junk mail, catalogs, and unsolicited phone calls you have to process every day, and it s pretty easy to hit that number. A hundred years ago there wasn t even a supermarket, there wasn t a TV show, and there weren t radio stations. FIGURE 2-7 Play around with variables, such as the value of a sale, and performance criteria. E-mail is the main reason people use the Internet. And e-mail delivers frequency for free. Permission Marketing will allow you to harvest that frequency. transhumans