No real prize is waiting for you. We ve said it before, and we ll say it again Don t reply to or click on a link for a random text message you see on your phone saying that you ve won a prize, gift card or an expensive electronic like an iPad. It s most likely a scam. According to a text spam settlement announced by the FTC … A text message scam is showing up on people s phones telling them they have won a $1,000 gift card for Target. The messages included text such as, Dear Walmart shopper, your purchase last month won a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card, go to website address within 24 hours to claim. Last month, the Federal Trade Commission FTC cracked down on the operations, with the defendants agreeing to pay $2.5 million in settlements. By looking at alll of these messages and the dates that go with the messages sounds like a scam to me also got a text saying I won a 1,000 dollar gift card from target it would of been helpful this ime of the year for vacation but oh well….my code was 724 bdeytz…..What JERKS!! Got a similar message promising me a $1000 gift card from Target if I visited a phony website and entered my area code into it. I just deleted the message. The message was a little plausible, inasmuch as I do enter merchandisers sweepstakes. But I am also aware that I would never be notified via a text. Me, Olive, and Big Roy were a family of three, and we lived in a sturdy brick house on a safe block. I had my own room, and when Big Roy built an extension, I had my own bathroom. When I outgrew my shoes, I never waited for new ones. While I have received financial aid, my parents did their part to send me to college. Online community for marketing and PR professionals dealing with social media Also consider setting up this newsroom as a separate section in blog format another way to integrate social media! to aggregate queries, moderated posts, and trackbacks from individual releases. Give each release a unique URL, and place your headline on the page title. What, if anything, did these six giants have in common? All six of them were American. All six had other jobs before they went into advertising. At least five were gluttons for work, and uncompromising perfectionists. Four made their reputations as copywriters. Only three had university degrees. One-stop shop for multiple tools to monitor and manage many social media channels freemium model.