12 Crafty Christmas Card Holders That Will Make Your Gift Card Much More Thoughtful. … A gift card or cash wrapped in a homemade card holder shows that there s thought and effort behind this … Cut the new gift card holder out and fold it as instructed in the original design. Put the gift card inside and get ready to give it to someone. With so many gift card holder shapes to choose from and cardstock in a wide variety of designs, the number of custom gift card holders you can make is endless. DIY Christmas Gift Card Holders You ll Love to Give. If you feel giving gift cards is impersonal add your personal touch with one of these 20 DIY Christmas gift card holders that the recipient will love! I love giving and receiving gift cards for the holidays. If you want my honest opinion, I don t think they are impersonal … Measure I eyeball the measurements when I make these DIY gift card holders, but I took measurements to help you with your first card. Place the gift card over the image to determine the front of the gift card holder. Mark measurements lightly with a pencil to determine your cuts. Add 1 16 inch on either side of the card the top and bottom to give enough space for the card to slide in … Mrs. Longo, a customer It s good. I ll tell you where a penny saved is a penny earned. 1 The advertiser pays for the services he wants no more, no less. Yet unreliable as Asimov s laws are, they re our most often cited attempt to codify our future relationship with intelligent machines. That s a frightening proposition. Are Asimov s laws all we ve got? www.itechlaw.org ask-itech Salt Lake City based Neutron Interactive David Halperin, More Scam Websites to Lure the Poor to For-Profit Colleges, Huffington Post , November 13, 2014, www. huffingtonpost. com davidhalperin more- scam- websites- to- lur b 6151650. html .