The Diesel Brothers are back! Diesel Dave picks his first giveaway truck and dreams big attempting to build the 2020 version of the Kodiak. Todd LeDuc challenges the guys to a desert race and flips the script by picking The Muscle to be on his team. Find the best of Diesel Brothers from Discovery. Season 1, Episode 6 From Sweden With Love. The Dieselsellerz are cranking out their next giveaway a quad cab Dodge with a 12-valve. Diesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the team at Dieselsellerz as they build big, bad trucks, pull elaborate pranks and push the limits with new stunts. The official Diesel Brothers website. Find top diesel gear, clothing, parts, enter for free diesel giveaways! Watch Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel. Diesel Brothers is a new Discovery series that follows the crew from DieselSellerz as they . Get Ready for Diesel Brothers! Before you give your truck a fancy facelift, hear what The Muscle and Red Beard have to say . It s rugged. It s sleek. It wasn t intentional, that s the first thing to know. Certainly, action and adventure athletes have found flow more frequently than most, but much of their success has been accidental. You don t have to. Didn t you say we re starting fresh? Social pet community Sharing Your Brand s Story Not everyone has the time or even patience to read long, lengthy articles and blog posts. Having content that people can listen to at their convenience is another great option for spreading your message and can open you up to a new audience. Many people enjoy downloading podcasts to their smartphones and listening to them in the car or at the gym. Podcasting can be more convenient than text or video because you can listen much in the way you listen to music while you re going about your day. There s nothing to print, and you re not chained to your laptop.