The following trade show giveaway ideas hit all the marks, and your investment will pay dividends through attendee engagement and enjoyment. Cell Phone Power Bank Pantone Matched Blue Light Glasses Custom Cooler Lunch Bags Tote bags, promotional pens, and custom water bottles are always on the list for trade show giveaway items because, well, they work. And while we definitely suggest having those items at your trade show booth, there s also room to give something out that people haven t seen before. Our vote for most unique or unexpected items are Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas Key Chain Light The key light is a concept so simple and yet so useful. The LED promo key light can attach directly to your car keys. Being one of the most cost-effective promo items to date, this giveaway is a great idea. 80 Popular and creative trade show giveaway ideas in 2020. You don t want to give the image that your business is stuck in the past. You need things that will be used and required in the modern world. Whatever giveaways you choose, make sure to add your business name and website address on it that people can remember you if they need to. Trade Show Giveaways Paper Straws Color Box Brand It Marketing Tools Biodegradable Products Restaurant Bar Ideas Full Color Box Of Paper Straws Reduce your eco-footprint with a Full-Color Box of Paper Straws. Includes 10 biodegradable paper straws per pack. 1.5 L x 8 H x 0.5 W Color Full For more information on creating an offer by using the Ads Create tool, go to help 102534329872055 . However, as I built and grew my business, something miraculous happened. As my ideas crystallized into tangible assets that could be consumed by the world, suddenly I became the approachable asset. Venture capitalists and angel investors called me -I didn t call them. Suddenly, people wanted to see my business plan. Why the sudden change of heart? Wasn t I the same guy just years earlier? Sure, but instead of an idea on paper, I had a tangible concept that reflected execution. Now, you could post the piece to your fifty-five-year-old male customers if you change the content so that it resonates with them. Maybe it reads, Hey Dad, it s never too late to remind her that she s still your best girl. Our Black Friday sale starts tonight, 6 00 P.M . You go even further and design the content so that it goes out to consumers in Texas in the shape of Texas, and the content that goes to New Jersey is in the shape of New Jersey, and so on and so forth for any of the states whose residents have a particularly strong streak of state pride. For any jab or right hook to have impact, it has to speak to the consumer and hit his or her emotional center. Read this letter three times before you tell me what you think. I am also including a prayer card, and it would do you some good to pray on this every night . Get on your knees when you talk to the Lord. Do not call yourself praying by lying in the bed thinking . Thinking and praying are two different things, and for something this important, you need prayer . Connect, 219