But since the closing sale began, a message on Sports Authority s website has stated a gift card expiration date of June 28. Which one is it? To be on the safe side, use your gift card by Monday, June 27. Sports Authority s closing sale began in late May, offering 10 to 30 off original prices at first, which left many shoppers unimpressed. Sports Authority is warning their customers that existing gift cards will expire next month. The retail chain recently announced they will be closing all of their 460 stores. The Sports Authority said Thursday that June 28 is the deadline for customers to use their store gift cards. The sporting goods company, which is going through a liquidation process that will shut… option. Most prepaid store gift card don t need to be registered or applied for. They can be paid for by cash or card and expire with 2-5 years and can only be spent in that specific store. However… When a store emerges from bankruptcy and continues to accept previously-issued gift cards, the store will be removed from the Watchlist. If the store closes or restructures but no longer accepts previously issued gift cards, the company will be moved to the Gift Card Graveyard when the bankruptcy case is closed. On top of that, Cyc has an inference engine. Inference is the ability to draw conclusions from evidence. Cyc s inference engine understands queries and generates answers from its vast knowledge database. We were properly married for a year and a half, and we were happy for that time, at least I was. Maybe we didn t do happy like other people, but we re not your garden-variety bourgeois Atlanta Negroes where the husband goes to bed with his laptop under his pillow and the wife dreams about her blue-box jewelry. I was young, hungry, and on the come-up. Celestial was an artist, intense and gorgeous. We were like Love Jones , but grown. What can I say? I always had a weakness for shooting-star women. When you re with them, you know that you re deep into something, none of that hi-and-bye stuff. Before Celestial, I dated this other girl, also born and raised in the A. This girl, as proper as you can picture, she pulled a gun on me at an Urban League gala! I ll never forget that silver .22 with a pink mother-of-pearl handle. She flashed it inside her purse under the table where we were enjoying steak and au gratin potatoes. She said she knew I was cheating on her with some chick from the Black Bar Association. How can I explain this? I was scared, and then I wasn t. Only an Atlanta girl could be so classy while doing something so hood. It was love-logic, granted, but I wasn t sure if I should propose or call the police. We broke up before daybreak, and it wasn t my decision. Celebrating non-obvious occasions, 115 116 I m saying that my mother was his mistress. For a long time. I think like three years or so. My mother was a June bride at the courthouse because her pastor wouldn t perform the ceremony. I have seen the photos. Gloria wears an off-white suit and a veiled pillbox hat. My father looks young and excited. There is no indication of anything but effortless devotion in their smiles. There is no evidence of me, but I m in the frame, too, hiding behind her yellow chrysanthemum bouquet. The Paul s Boots campaign is just one example. Closing its stores on Black Friday for three years in a row is another.