Currently, PC Plus members are unable to redeem their points for President s Choice gift cards, Joe Fresh gift cards and government taxes. In certain provinces, you will also be prohibited from redeeming your points on prescription medication, over-the-counter medication and milk. If you use PC financial services and collect the points, remember that you can spend them elsewhere if you spend the points on gift cards. This saved me at Xmas when I just needed to pick up a few small gifts for friends. If you do this, check the back of the cards to see if there are fees to help you choose which ones give you the best value. To redeem means to use your PC Optimum points to pay, or partially pay, for eligible purchases by using your Card at the point of sale in Participating Stores or with Program Participants that offer redemption, following the instructions provided by the cashier, the point-of-sale terminal or other payment processing device. Earn points in-store, online, at points events and through personalized offers with your online account. Earn points even faster with PC Financial . Learn how at Every 10,000 points is like $10 worth of free stuff. Surprise someone with a President s Choice , Joe Fresh , Shoppers Drug Mart or Beauty Boutique gift card so they can pick out the gift they really want. The gift of freshness. When you give the gift of Canada s food leader, you re also giving a shared love of everything food. It now has over 10,000 members across 115 countries. Membership is free, but the company fosters the community through gamification by offering Vespa points for participating. Points can be earned by creating posters or photo strips, which is a visual way for Vespa owners to share images and stories from the rides they take on their Vespas. Other members can like and comment on these posters and photo strips. The brand also poses challenges to the community, allowing members to earn additional points. The only thing that s not really clear is what the points can be used for. Our recommendation would be for the brand to use them to identify top members to invite to VIP events and for customers to use points to redeem brand merchandise. A list of all your friends appears. Choose the Search All Friends option. The U.S. is the only superpower because of its advances in science and technology and their contribution to its economic and military might. 15 1,550 Well, singularity has several meanings, and Vinge s usage is more precise than others. To define singularity he made an analogy to the point in the orbit of a black hole beyond which light cannot escape. You can t see what s going on beyond that point, called the event horizon. Similarly, once we share the planet with entities more intelligent than ourselves, all bets are off we cannot predict what will happen. You d have to be at least that smart yourself to know.