According to a spokeswomen for Harpo Productions Inc., Oprah s company, the recipients must pay a tax on the winnings, just like any prize. For a brand new Pontiac G-Six, the model given away on… The problem for everybody who got a car, though, was that neither Oprah, the TV network, nor Pontiac accounted for all of the taxes the new vehicle owners would have to pay the government a tax … You Get a Car Oprah studio guests had to pay gift tax up to $7,000 on receiving free vehicle. How the iconic television moment ended on a less than savoury note Oprah s $7MM Car Giveaway and the Audience s $1.6MM Tax Bill Talley Company 0 Sixteen years ago, The Oprah Winfrey Show made TV history with the iconic You get a car! giveaway episode. Oprah surprised her studio audience with 276 brand new Pontiac G6 sedans worth over $7 million. The Oprah Winfrey Show paid the sales tax and registration for each car, but not the gift tax, which could be up to $7,000 for some audience members.While the show did offer a cash prize for those … What follows are a few of the ways to determine your ad s return on investment Regular posts versus paid posts When you select Posts on your Insights dashboard, you receive an overview on how your posts are performing. You can also see whether a post is paid or unpaid, enabling you to make a comparison. Likes When you select likes on your Insights dashboard, you can compare likes achieved during paid campaigns with organic likes. Reach When you select Reach on your Insights dashboard, you can see at a glance how much of a boost a paid post received and how many people were reached as a result of that boost. Engagement On your Ads Manager dashboard, you can see a list of your advertising and how much engagement each received. You can even see the cost per engagement. A copywriter can make his career with a clever ad. In fact, a thirty-year-old clever campaign for the Volkswagen came back from the dead to generate millions of dollars in new Beetle sales for VW in 1998. SEO is a long-term strategy to deliver solid traffic over time to your hub website or blog. It takes time for your investment in SEO to pay off, and results can vary unpredictably from one week or month to the next. Generally, after you have everything set up and running smoothly, monitoring once per quarter should be enough, except for exceptionally large and constantly growing sites. Widrich, Leo, 20 Remember that jeopardizing one s privacy is the single largest reason given by consumers for not shopping online and for not opting in to promotions and marketing programs online. Of course, the online user knows that he has no privacy. What he s concerned about is inundation. He knows that in the wrong hands, one scrap of data about him can lead to an onslaught.