Terms and conditions MEC gift cards are redeemable for products or services. They cannot be refunded or redeemed exchanged for cash. Gift cards are freely transferable and should be safeguarded like cash. Replacement cards will not be issued for lost, stolen, or damaged cards without a receipt of purchase. To redeem, select gift card as a payment type during checkout, and enter both the gift card number and PIN. Our Service Centre staff will contact you if your gift cannot be delivered. Terms and conditions MEC gift cards are redeemable for products or services purchased online, by phone, mail or at MEC retail stores. Arch Card Replacement Form for TM Lost or Stolen Cards If your Arch Card has been lost or stolen 1 Call 1-800-244-6227 IMMEDIATELY to report the card lost or stolen and have the card deactivated. 2 Fully complete the information requested below and mail, along with your Activation Receipt, to P2W, Inc. For lost or stolen cards, call 800 244-6227 immediately to cancel your card. Then complete and send in the Lost Stolen Arch Card Form PDF 63 KB along with your original activation receipt. For damaged cards, call 800 244-6227 immediately to cancel and replace your card. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of replacement Arch Cards. Retailers and gift card issuers will be more likely to work with customers on recovering or replacing lost gift cards if there is proof that the gift card story is legitimate. That proof comes in the shape of knowing the gift card number, when it was purchased, the dollar amount on the card, and so forth. What are the lessons of Singapore s rise from the third world to th first world in one generation? I closed the space between us, resting my hands on his head, feeling the curve of his scalp. Look, I said with my lips near his ears. We re not blackface Leave It to Beaver. You know my mother is Daddy s second wife. The end result is permission from the consumer and the beginning of a long-term permission relationship. As the ability to type long text replies is limited by time and space on Snapchat, the best kind of questions to ask are those that are easy to digest and demand a visual response, either by photo or video. For example, a shoe brand might ask their fans something as simple as Show us your shoes! or Snap us a photo when you re in store! The quicker and easier you make it for fans to respond, the better. Can you walk in them?