Discounts on selected items. If you go online to Ikea you can get up to 50 off selected items in its winter sale, until Sun 17 Jan. Delivery ranges from 4 for small items, up to 50 for large items. Ikea s calling this its biggest ever winter sale , and has told us there are more than 400 products included. Custom covers for IKEA sofas, armchairs, cushions, footstools and more. Classic and contemporary slip covers for current and discontinued styles of Ikea Sofas and Ikea Chairs. Ektorp, Karlanda, Tomelilla, Solsta, Ekeskog and Klobo plus many more. I ve not used them but I did dye my ikea karlanda sofa covers with dylon dye. They worked amazingly well. weigh the fabric don t try and overload the machine Bemz are also good for Ikea covers. Nom- yes have had covers from bemz for armchairs – they were nice but shrank in the wash as well as being a tight fit to start with. IKUVA, Leigh-on-Sea. 529 likes. IKUVA is a British company that manufactures bespoke made to order slip covers for current and discontinued styles of IKEA furniture. Our e-commerce system has the following functions and capabilities Manage tags, categories, prices, quantities and stock amount. Manage orders and print invoices. Search engine friendly and mobile responsive. Ability to highlight sale products and issue discount vouchers. Cross link to related products. Works with all major payment system … The benefits of blogging stretch far and wide across an organization. Your blog is a dedicated channel to house customer service FAQs and your best brand stories that are easily shareable across a multitude of channels. Investing in a blog can result in increased traffic to your website, an SEO boost, press coverage, and more. As I watched her walk away, I made note of everything about her that I didn t admire. I ignored the devotion that she wore like a cape, I paid no heed of her strength or hardworking beauty. I sat there thinking of all I didn t love about her, too angry to even say good-bye. Permission Marketing encourages consumers to participate in a long-term, interactive marketing campaign in which they are rewarded in some way for paying attention to increasingly relevant messages. Imagine your marketing message being read by 70 percent of the prospects you send it to not 5 percent or even 1 percent . Then imagine that more than 35 percent respond. That s what happens when you interact with your prospects one at a time, with individual messages, exchanged with their permission over time. Perhaps the biggest criticism I ve heard of Permission Marketing techniques is that people believe they will attract the dreaded Opportunity Seekers. Of course, all of us are seeking opportunities, but in the mailing list business an Opportunity Seeker capital O, capital S is someone with more time than money, a nonconsumer who focuses on low-margin items and is a less than ideal prospect for most products. Some art directors use copy as the raw material for designing queer shapes. Don t you think that the copy would have been easier to read if set in columns?