In fact, Game Stop s gift card help page specifically states that cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Call or Visit Customer Service Time is of the essence, since gift cards may or may not require a PIN to spend the funds. Most don t, so anyone who has the card can use it to make purchases. While I cannot guarantee you will be able to get a lost gift card back, you may be able to get it replaced if you have the gift card number, a payment receipt or the activation receipt. Without that information, replacing a lost gift card will be a challenge, but still worth the effort. Just thought I d share my experience of a lost GAME gift card, in case it happens to anyone else. A couple of weeks ago I traded in a couple of PS3 games at my local GAME, at Parkgate in Rotherham. He put the value onto a gift card for me – 31. When I came to use the gift card to make a purchase a couple of days later, I couldn t find the … To replace a card that s been lost or stolen, or return one you don t want, you have to do at least one of these things to demonstrate proof of ownership 1. Keep the card s activation receipt. 2. nope sorry, as with most gift cards, it will say to keep it safe and treat it like cash as it cannot be replaced if lost. bit poo but most if not all do state that on the card somewhere. MojoMaster… It pays to devise a demonstration that your readers can perform for themselves, like this one. Big Roy walked toward the center of the house with me close behind. In the kitchen he readjusted his apron strings, knotting them around his barrel torso. Little Roy is gone. The United States is almost the only country which allows political candidates to buy commercial time. In England, France and other democracies, the networks allot free time to serious discussion of the issues. How long did it take for us to leave my mother s home? Maybe it s the looking-back talking, but everyone except me seemed to have stones in their pockets. As we made our way through the door at last, my father handed Celestial the shrouded doll. He carried it awkwardly, like he couldn t decide if it was an object or a living thing. Brand guidelines, 40 41