level 1. deleted 9 years ago. I met a lady who won a Corvette, a Ford 350, a four wheeler, a boat, a a brand new kitchen remodeling and full of appliances, numerous big screen TVs and entertainment gadgets, a cash prize of $100,000, and tons of other items, cash prizes, and things I can t remember. This was when I worked for Geek Squad, and I … Won a ps4 from taco bell. First contest I ever really sought out to follow and enter everyday. Every 15 minutes there was a winner. I always clicked on the posts of people who won and talked about when they entered and such, realized best to enter around 4am EST when most people across the country were asleep to improve my odds. The odds for winning the 250 points is 1 in 140. This is the main reason I have only played once. So your telling me I have a 1 in 140 chance to only lose 50 points, sing me up s . The decent prizes are like 1 in 18,000 to 1 in 12,600,000 with only 15,000,000 plays available so it is most likely no one will ever win. 2. level 1. one hot llama. 7 years ago. I won one, back in the early days of Bing Rewards. It was $5000, but as a gift credit to DonorsChoose. That means it all went to public school classroom projects. Knowing this going in, it had 5 winners, and a pretty low entry fee. I spent less than 50 credits and won. In January 2013 and January 2014 Disney has done a sweepstakes where they gave away a free trip every day for the month. There are always a few threads to see how many Disboard folks win. There were a few maybe 5-6 or more each year that have said they won on here. HOW OFTEN 16 . https www.goodreads.com quotes 792897- your- smile- is- your- logo- your- personality- is- your- business . Many people in agencies resist the use of supers. If you tell them that they increase sales, as they do, the stupid buggers turn a deaf ear. Intel s new Tri-Gate transistors Poeter, Damon, and Mark Hachman, Next Intel Chips Will Have the World s First 3D Transistors. PCMAG.COM , May 4, 2011, http www.pcmag.com article2 0,2817,2384897,00.asp accessed September 5, 2011 . Recently Google s cofounder Larry Page Feeney, Lauren, Futurist Ray Kurzweil isn t worried about climate change, PBS.ORG Need to Know , February 16, 2011, http www.pbs.org wnet need-to-know environment futurist-ray-kurzweil-isnt-worried-about-climate-change 7389 accessed September 5, 2011 . Seniors