How To Make A Gift Card Tree. The purpose of a gift card tree in an auction is to display the cards from various retailers in one tree. Yes, you can make the items visible this way and name every tree so that each one of them with different gift cards with the same idea. Food-related gift cards in one tree, electronic items in one tree and so on. Gift card silent auction basket. Saved by Brooke Bergin. 4.5k. Fundraiser Baskets Raffle Baskets Gift Card Displays Gift Card Basket Chinese Auction Gift Card Presentation Silent Auction Baskets School Auction Baskets Themed Gift Baskets. About Murad Auctions. Murad Auctions offers professional auction services, silent auction services and auction and event services to help nonprofits have successful fundraising events.Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of non-profits achieve their fundraising goals. Murad Auctions relies on years of experience, crowd-pleasing enthusiasm and technology to take benefit auctions to the next level. Cathy s Top 10 Silent Auction Items 06 19 2019 by Rebecca Toews. Did you know more than $1 billion in gift cards each year are unused!Of the $130 billion spent in 2016, many of these are not redeemed. In fact, of those surveyed for this blog, 63 have had three or more gift cards in their possession for more than a year. 85 of gift cards are used within 30 days. A word of caution Always have checks and balances in place to ensure that what is funny to you might not be potentially offensive to someone else. You cannot always predict how people will react. However, having multiple internal stakeholders look at the creative and the message can help flag potential issues. Be diligent. Have fun with it, but make sure you get other perspectives. Paid options start at $9.99 month for 1 million page views month. I use WCCA extensively. For example, several years ago, after several drinks at a local bar, I went home with a woman who was making the moves and wanted to get busy. She pulled the old Harlequin whisper, Make love to me. Of course, having known her for all of two hours, I knew this wasn t love but something else. Behind my drunken passion, I ran through my WCCA analysis. If all institutions are the lengthened shadow of one man , it can be said that the two best agencies in the world today are the lengthened shadows of Raymond Rubicam. 10 Do not assume that subjects which interest you will necessarily interest consumers. Being a former chef, I assumed that everyone found chefs interesting until I used them in an advertisement. I got miserable readership among the housewives who were the target audience. A friend at Campbell s Soup told me that he too had observed that housewives were turned off by chefs.