Collaboratively built off the backs of some of the world s most acclaimed explorers, there s nowhere to go but up with the Prism Collection. Over a $500 value! Contest ends on 3 5 21 at 11 59pm MST. Offered in the contiguous 48 U.S. including D.C., excluding AK and HI to individuals 18 . Includes Prism Pack. Prism Crampon Bag. Competition We re running a bouldering gear giveaway for all you climbers out there. Entrants Only Australian residents are eligible. Entry Period Starts at September 21 2020 12pm AEST and ends at November 30 2020 12pm AEST. Entry Log on to the website Fill in all the required data fields on the entry form and. For all those climbers out there, new and experienced, we ve got a bouldering gear giveaway just for you! Bouldering and rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, and it seems like every new person you meet seemingly does it as a hobby or as a form of exercise, especially when they have a bunch of gear hanging off their backpack. Home Climbing Free Gear Fridays Wild Country Session Climbing Harness Quickdraw Set Giveaway Here at GearJunkie, we test a lot of gear. And we re fortunate to test new, cutting-edge … Climbing Gear Giveaway $2,250 Worth of Gear Josh Salvo. September 17, 2018. Climbing Gear Giveaway $2,250 Worth of Gear Josh Salvo. September 17, 2018. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING WINNERS! GRAND PRIZE WINNER Micah Bauer Second Place Winner Carli Dean IT LOOKS LIKE YOU MISSED In one generation 1965 to 1990 , we made it from third world to first. The next 20 years until 2010, Singapore acquired the poise and polish of a vibrant and lively city To build such a Singapore, we need an exceptionally strong government, with the ablest, the toughest, and most dedicated of leaders. We headhunt for them, test them out in heavy responsibilities. Only such leaders can keep the economy growing and create good jobs and generate the revenue to pay for the equipment and training of our third-generation Singapore Armed Forces SAF . This 3-G 3rd generation SAF provides the security and confidence of our people and of foreign investors, assured that we can more than defend ourselves. If there is insecurity, there will be fewer investments. That means a poorer people and instability. To maintain social cohesion, we buffer the lowest 20 to 25 , the weaker achievers, from the tough competition of the marketplace We support the lower-income workers with extra income All this aims for a fair and just society. 42 But human decision making, while often flawed, has one chief virtue. It can evolve. As human beings learn and adapt, we change, and so do our processes. Automated systems, by contrast, stay stuck in time until engineers dive in to change them. If a Big Data college application model had established itself in the early 1960s, we still wouldn t have many women going to college, because it would have been trained largely on successful men. If museums at the same time had codified the prevalent ideas of great art, we would still be looking almost entirely at work by white men, the people paid by rich patrons to create art. The University of Alabama s football team, needless to say, would still be lily white. CarGurus Take some time to familiarize yourself with Snapchat s rules regarding on-demand geofilters at its Submissions Guidelines page https submission-guidelines . The government, of course, has a powerful regulatory role to play, just as it did when confronted with the excesses and tragedies of the first industrial revolution. It can start by adapting and then enforcing the laws that are already on the books.