Do Gift Cards Expire in Canada? Whether it s for Christmas, birthday or even a corporate reward, gift cards are an excellent option. No longer held in paper format but as a plastic card, gift cards offer a flexible and convenient solution. However, it s so easy to tuck the card into your wallet and then forget all about it. With limited exceptions, gift cards cannot have an expiration date, and consumers cannot be charged usage, dormancy or other fees. Key exceptions to the prohibition on expiration dates include gift cards issued for promotional purposes e.g., the consumer did not pay for the gift card , or issued for a specific good or service. Most gift cards don t expire. Depending on the rules in your province or territory, the following gift cards may have an expiry date. Promotional or charitable gift cards Businesses may give promotional or charitable gift cards as part of a promotion, loyalty program or to raise money for charity. In Canada, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia have each enacted legislation to stop gift cards certificates from expiring. Cards issued before the effective date are still subject to the old rules. The legislation came into effect October 1, 2007 for Ontario Click the arrow to cycle through the images to choose the one you want to pin. I see, Big Roy said. 9548 Cascade Rd. The second false assumption was that not many people would default at the same time. This was based on the theory, soon to be disproven, that defaults were largely random and unrelated events. This led to a belief that solid mortgages would offset the losers in each tranche. The risk models were assuming that the future would be no different from the past. Note If you pin a video from a page on your website on which the video is embedded rather than a address, for example , Pinterest will show the directly-playable YouTube video but the link and description associated with that pin will be the URL and page name on your site respectively, so this will definitely help with Pinterest and web search engine optimization. As well as videos, Pinterest also supports the embedding of Slideshare presentations. If you use the Share on Pinterest option underneath a slideshow on Slideshare, the content in question will appear on Pinterest with a small Play button on top of the pinned image. When this is clicked, the pin opens up on its own page and users can view the whole presentation directly on the site. Similar to video content, you might want to add the words slideshow or presentation into the pin description to make clear what s on offer.