Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway. I am really, really excited about today s giveaway as it is with a small business that I ve recently become obsessed with. I mean, if you read blogs then I am sure you know all about Ashley Brooke Designs by now. Her mugs cute stationery are everywhere. Ashley Brooke Designs Dopp Kit Giveaway. Ashley Brooke Designs recently launched a super functional and gorgeous floral dopp kit. Ashley sent me one earlier this year and it s a game changer. It s so great that we teamed up to give one away this week! I love it for so many reasons. Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway. September 24, 2016 8 Comments. Are you guys in the mood for new stationery and desk accessories? Even though I got the initial itch for new pencils and notepads in August, I kept things under control. That is, until I reorganized my entire desk and took an inventory of what I actually needed. And … Win 1 of 3 prizes! I teamed up with Mandy Rye of Waiting On Martha for one of our most clever giveaways ever – Grown Up Easter Baskets! Filled with all kinds of tasty treats and fancy prizes! So take a peak at all the fun goodies within each basket and don t for get to enter to win at the end of the post! Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway. UPDATE Congrats to Kirsten and Amanda, our winners! Earlier you saw the wedding of the lovely Ashley of Ashley Brooke Designs, and I promised you a giveaway well here it is! Ashley creates gorgeous handdrawn stationery and here is your chance to win your very own Ashley Brooke Designs custom illustration! FIGURE 3-1 A Facebook ad doesn t have to cost a lot of money. My folks? Olive and Big Roy are the most down-to-earth people in the history of ever. Celestial s folks, on the other hand, were not what you would call approachable. Her father was a little dude, three apples tall, with this immense Frederick Douglass fro, complete with side part and to top it off, he is some sort of genius inventor. Her mother worked in education, not as a teacher or a principal but as an assistant superintendent to the whole school system. And did I mention that her dad hit pay dirt about ten or twelve years ago, inventing a compound that prevents orange juice from separating so fast? He sold that sucker to Minute Maid and ever since, they have been splashing around naked in a bathtub full of money. Her mama and daddy now that s a hard room. Next to them, Olive and Big Roy are cake. You know my folks love you, I said. Optional Select a filter to enhance the photo. While the video is clever and full of fabulous furniture-related puns, IKEA Singapore didn t stop there. On its Facebook page it hosted a contest offering fans a chance to win a $50 gift card for submitting a question to the Shelf Help Guru about how to improve their private lives. To Consume Richly, Produce Effectively And the irony of this producer consumer dichotomy? Once you succeed as a producer, you can consume anything you want with little consequence because you ll be rich.