1. Facebook Giveaway Landing Page Example. Our first example is a landing page created for a Facebook contest. This giveaway design is a simple page with no extra information to distract people from the main goal. The bright giveaway background adds color and movement to what would normally be a dull page. The imagery on their sweepstakes landing page is a screen full of clear, blue water. As you scroll down the page, you see photos of different places in Fiji where you could spend time if you won the vacation trip. 3. Easy-to-use entry form. Make your entry form easy to use. You don t want it to seem like a time-consuming task to enter a giveaway. Filter templates by category. Attract new customers, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. Funnel customers from a specific source email, social media, digital ads or even direct mail to a web page with a narrow focus. Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content UGC with an easy-to-share contest. Creating a landing page contest is easy with our templates. We offer tons of landing page contest templates to make setup a breeze. Check out just a few of our options below Attract new customers, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content UGC with an easy-to-share contest. Create a personalized sweepstakes landing page where customers participate by entering their phone number or sending you a text. Branded sweepstakes entry forms Market to your customers via text messages Export phone numbers into a CSV file System automatically selects and notifies winners The reward you offer a consumer must be obvious and simple. To dramatize the importance of this stage, to make it crasser than it needs to be, I call it bait. No one would argue with the idea that when you go fishing, you ought to use the most effective, most obvious bait you can find. The same is true when you try to attract consumers. They must have grabbed each other as soon as I shut the door. By the time I made it to a window peeking through a curtain like a silly southern belle Roy and Andre were rolling around on the dry lawn, a tangle of arms and legs. I watched for what must have been only several seconds, but whatever the duration, it was too long. When Roy gained the upper hand and pinned Andre to the ground, straddling and punishing him with wind-milling fists and rage, I pulled open the window. The lace curtain floated from the thin rod, covering my eyes like a veil. I yelled their names to the wind, but they either wouldn t or couldn t hear me. The grunts of exertion and satisfaction both layered over the gasps of pain and humiliation. All these noises floated up to my window, moving me to run outside with the intention of saving them both. Franklin Delano Davenport Naturally, the rankings themselves are a growing franchise. The U.S. News World Report magazine, long the company s sole business, has withered away, disappearing from print in 2010. But the rating business continues to grow, extending into medical schools, dental schools, and graduate programs in liberal arts and engineering. U.S. News even ranks high schools. Everything you see online is content the written word, images, podcasts, radio, video, infographics, charts, and even social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. Content can amuse or teach, but it s also a powerful tool for catching the attention of search engines and the people who are looking for whatever it is you do. Many businesses are achieving positive results by using different types of content to reach customers and raise brand awareness.