The Golf Club at Basin Harbor features an 18-hole championship golf course. With six sets of tees, the course caters to all skills and abilities of golfers. World-known architect Geoffrey Cornish designed the player-friendly and historic course it s Lake Champlain golf at its finest! About Basin Harbor. Property Location With a stay at Basin Harbor in Vergennes, you ll be on the beach, just a 5-minute walk from Lake Champlain and within a 5-minute drive of Button Bay State Park. This beach hotel is 20.3 mi 32.6 km from Middlebury College and 30.1 mi 48.4 km from Church Street Marketplace. Rooms Resort at a Glance Basin Harbor Resort. Basin Harbor Resort occupies 700 acres along the shores of Lake Champlain. The property is dotted with cozy cottages, each of which has its own distinct decorations and vibe and all of which are cozy places to relax after long days of outdoor recreation. With 700 acres of beautiful property to explore, Basin Harbor is the antithesis of a big corporate hotel. Stay in a tastefully designed lodge building or in one of our 74 unique cottages. Everything you need is right here, including the epic views. Enjoy a renewed perspective and just breathe some fresh air. See Cottages. Kids Club will be offered 4 days per week, June 12- September 4 Two Sessions Per Group Per Day, Limited to 16 children each Advanced signup will be required. There is a $12 hour charge for those on BB EP meal plans. There is a 50 discount for those on the MAP FAP meal plans. The idea of god jumping out of a box reminded me of other unfinished business the AI-Box Experiment. To recap, Eliezer Yudkowsky played the role of an ASI contained in a computer that had no physical connection to the outside world no cable or wires, no routers, no Bluetooth. Yudkowsky s goal escape the box. The Gatekeeper s goal keep him in. The game was held in a chat room by players who conversed in text. Each session lasted a maximum of two hours. Keeping silent and boring the Gatekeeper into surrendering was a permitted but never used tactic. The processor wafer has a very recognizable hue that is familiar to folks in the industry. By using this element the company left an indelible brand footprint on every visual in a subtle way. That visual consistency made brand assets recognizable across channels and conversations and eliminated the need for in-your-face branding. Truth be told, I m infatuated with Vine. I think that six-second promise is going to turn it into one of the major platforms in the marketplace. It s the perfect product for our world offering enough variety to satisfy the cravings of consumers constantly looking for their next dopamine hit, short enough for those time-pressed consumers to come back for more over and over again. One father I know told me that Vine was causing problems for his fifteen-year-old daughter, because she was staying up until three in the morning watching Vine videos. When asked why, she said it wasn t intentional. She d decide to shut down, but then she d spot a new video, and think, Well, just one more it s only six seconds. Because people sign up to join private membership sites especially if they re paying for the experience , they re more invested in the content and in participation. Sure you can, because you define freedom within your wealth trinity. If wealth to you is traveling the world with $100 in your wallet and you have a knack for getting by on subterfuge, schemes, shitty once-a-day customer service, barter, and other nefarious practices, go for it. If you feel you can own your life and take care of your family s needs on $1,000 a month, go for it. Were there times when I worked four hours a week? Absolutely, and many times less! The difference was, I invested tons of work to get there, and I wasn t earning $1,000 month, but $100,000 month. I never met a multimillionaire who found success investing four hours a week from start to finish. It s a one-way street Four-hour workweeks are fruit from money trees, but money trees cannot grow from four-hour workweeks!